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Winners Lists

I love winners lists.  They might be even more exciting that actually winning, even when I don't see my name.  My sweeping motto comes to mind again "you have to enjoy entering, and the possibility of winning just as much as winning itself," to justify how giddy I feel when scanning winners lists.  

Magazines tend to have winners lists most often.  Some magazines have daily drawings, without fail, and the winners list is the only way to find out if you've won (short of it just showing up in the mail).  I saw my name on a winners list a couple of days ago.  This particular magazine gives away pretty spectacular prizes sometimes, and generally updates their WL every week or so.  It has been the holy grail of daily-giveaway-magazine-winners-list-wins, so to say.  I was so excited to see my name!  

I saw it in a blinding flash of winning glory.  "I won!"  "What did I win?!"  "What day was it!?"  "What was the prize that day!?"  "It could be anything!"  It kind of went like that.  Well, I won $60 dollars worth of products from Circle-Of-Friends Hair & Bath Products, which is a neato-smeato company selling things like  "Hans' Oom Pah Pah Shampoo" a "wonderful blueberry scented shampoo" with information about Hans and how children in Germany live printed on the bottle.  The site appears to be a world market of bath and body products geared towards children, which is a pretty neat idea.  Ok I don't have any children, but I know a few . . . and I could use some tearless blueberry shampoo.  Plus, now I know about Schultuete. 

So, not only did I see my name while scanning a winners list, but I learned about a cool company.  This is pretty much the goal of all giveaways, marketing.  Job well done for them.  I am a marketing sponge.  I can't help it. 




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